The Municipality of Alamada is bounded on the north by the Province of Lanao del Sur, on the south by the Municipality of Libungan, on the east by the Municipality of Banisilan and on the west by the Municipality of Pigcawayan and Buldon of Maguindanao Province. The 78,750 hectares land area is distributed to 17 Barangays. Generally, Alamada is highly elevated and it is characterized by rolling, hilly and undulating terrain.

Alamada is politically subdivided into 17 barangays namely: Bao, Barangiran, Camansi, Dado, Guiling, Kitacubong (Poblacion). Lower Dado, Macabasa, Malitubog, Mapurok, Mirasol, Pacao, Paruayan, Pigcawaran, Polayagan, Rangayen and Raradangan.