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Economically and socially transformed agriculture and fishery sector.



Continuously provide basic technical services needed to transform the agriculture and fishery sector, economically and socially.



The objectives of a municipal agricultural services office typically include the following:

1. Enhancing Agricultural Productivity:
– Provide technical support and training to farmers on modern agricultural practices, pest management, and soil health to increase crop yields and livestock productivity.

2. Supporting Sustainable Agriculture:
-Promote the adoption of sustainable farming techniques to preserve natural resources, reduce environmental impact, and ensure long-term agricultural viability.

3. Facilitating Access to Resources:
-Ensure farmers have access to necessary inputs such as quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and farming equipment, often through subsidies or direct provision.

4. Improving Market Access:
-Assist farmers in finding markets for their produce, including organizing local markets, establishing linkages with buyers, and providing market information to optimize                       sales and income.

5. Providing Financial Support:
-Facilitate access to financial services such as loans, grants, and insurance, helping farmers invest in their operations and mitigate risks.

6. Infrastructure Development:
-Develop and maintain agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation systems, rural roads, storage facilities, and processing units to enhance productivity and reduce post-                        harvest losses.

7. Data Collection and Analysis:
-Collect and analyze agricultural data to inform planning and decision-making processes, ensuring that interventions are evidence-based and effectively targeted.

8. Disaster and Risk Management:
-Implement strategies for disaster preparedness and response, including support during droughts, floods, pest infestations, and other emergencies that affect agriculture.

9. Community Development:
-Engage in initiatives that support the broader rural community, including promoting farmer cooperatives, supporting youth and women’s participation in agriculture, and                    fostering community-based agricultural projects.

10. Policy Implementation and Advocacy:
-Ensure compliance with agricultural regulations and standards, advocate for policies that benefit the local agricultural sector, and represent farmers’ interests at higher levels              of government.

Mandates and Functions

1.Formulate measure for the approval of the Sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the Governor and Mayor;
2.Develop plans and strategies on agricultural programs and projects implementation;
3.Ensure that maximum assistance and access to resources in the project and processing and marketing of agricultural products are extended to farmers, fisher folks and local entrepreneurs;
4.Conduct or cause to be conducted location-specific agricultural researchers and assist in marketing available and appropriate technology arising out of, and disseminate information on basic research on crops, prevention and control of plant diseases and pests and other agricultural matters which will maximize productivity
5.Enforce rules and regulations related to agriculture;
6.Coordinate with NGS’s and NGO’s which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environment integrity;
7.Be in frontline of delivery of basic agricultural services, particularly those needed for the survival of the inhabitant during and in the after of man-made and natural calamity;
8.Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

Services Offered

  1. Issuance of shipping permit/health certificate
  2. Animal health services
  3. Incidence/post mortem
  4. Fingerlings dispersal
  5. Palay, corn/vegetable seeds distribution & animal dispersal
  6. Agricultural service consultation (crops)
  7. High value commercial crops planting materials (depend on program and fund)
  8. Extension, education & training services
  9. Cooperative pre -registration seminar
  10. Production loan endorsement
  11. Mandatory registration of agricultural and fisheries machineries and equipment
  12. Availment of farm machineries and small infrastructure projects
  13. Occurence of calamities
  14. Philippine crop insurance corporation(pcic) insurance application & claims for indemnity