The Municipal Treasurer’s Office is responsible in collecting all kinds of taxes, provides services according to the needs of clients. It is considered as bread and butter of the Municipality.

Head of Office Contact Number Citizen’s Charter
MA. MAE G. BUTSAYO 064-572-6091 Download/View



Adopt and practice policies and procedures and serve as active partner in the transformation of LGU-Alamada into financially sustaining institution.



Establish sound financial Institutions by increasing the capability of the LGU to generate revenue and maximize tax collection efficiency.


Mandates and Functions

The Treasurer shall take charge of the Treasury Office and shall perform the following: Advice the Mayor and the Sanggunian and other local government and national Officials concerned regarding disposition of local government funds and on such other matters relative to public finance; Take custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the local government unit; Take charge of the disbursement of all local government funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to him by law or other competent authority. Inspect private commercial & industrial establishment within the jurisdiction of the local government unit in relation to the implementation of tax ordinance; Maintain & update the tax information system of the local government unit; Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and function as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance.


Regular Programs and Projects



Revenue Generation Enhancement is one of the important projects entered into by the LGU Alamada under Enhancing LGU Capacity on Revenue Generation and Resource Mobilization Projects in Region XII.


One of the notable and effective innovations is the Tax Campaign. The Municipal Treasury Office will conduct information/education campaign to inform the people of the various provisions of the local tax ordinances identifying taxable individuals and establishments with the help of the barangay officials and sending out notices of delinquency. It also includes compromise agreement and negotiations for the collection of real property tax.


Tax campaign contributes significantly to the increase of our revenue; as a matter of fact the Municipal Treasury Office was awarded by the Provincial Government of Cotabato as the Top Performing Municipality in terms of Real Property Tax Collection.


B.) eSRE SYSTEM (Development, Installation &Maintenance of System)


The Computerized software is envisioned by the MTO for a networking system. By networking there will be a central processing unit (server) that can be accessed by several peripheral terminals (clients). This will be made possible by connecting the server and client computers through a Local Area.


The system is automated version of the Statement of Receipts and Expenditures monthly, quarterly or yearly report. The system includes auto-computation, auto-consolidation and auto excel generation that serves as reports nationwide for public knowledge.


This configuration optimizes the productivity and usefulness of the system by increasing the number of encoders or users that can input data or retrieve reports. The system is flexible as it requires a minimum of two computers to realize the data sharing scheme. As the volume of transactions increases, the Office can easily attach more client connections to redistribute work load.



(Software Updates & development, Repair and Maintenance)


RA 7160 mandates the office to collect, fees and charges and all other income to fund the coffers of the Local Government Unit. This will help to maximize the collection of municipal imposition and other income due to the municipality. The business tax assessment and collection system request for the continue support for the system for the enhancement and updates.


Business permit and licensing system is a software product and web-based application that enable the LGU to process the receipts, reports and business permits electronically. This system will help standardize the business process flow in the application of business permits and licensing that will provide faster turnover time in processing. The tedious manual processes that required much applicant follow-ups will be replaced by a system that enables applications, queries on approval of the status, as well as remaining tax dues.


Government software needs a well-guarded system so that the mandates tasks could be carried out effectively. Because the office is responsible to provide revenue for local taxation, business licensing and other revenue sources to have effective collection of the same. And also mandated to take charge of the business licensing and has important function of keeping the records of the business owner especially the records of their payments and their dues. To have this kind of system it will enhance the proper collection method and proper assessment to the to the business owner


Services Offered

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