The Municipality of Alamada declares Tourism as a product and service-oriented industry which would generate widespread benefits and impacts to the social growth and cultural affirmation to generate investment, employment, and economic development, and to continue to mold an enhanced sense of pride for all Alamadians, in particular, and all Filipinos, general.

Being a significant industry in the LGU, “Tourism” is part of the assessment for the Seal of Good Local Governance of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, and aside from “Tourism”, the “Heritage Development, Culture, and the Arts”, which are all essential part of our tourism industry, are also part of the assessment.

Hence, the Office of the Municipal Tourism, Culture and the Arts (OMToCA) of the Municipality of Alamada was created by virtue of the Muni

cipal Ordinance No. 2022-7 pursuant to the Republic Act No. 9593, also known as the Tourism Act of 2009. The ordinance was declared valid by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cotabato through the Resolution No. 802, series of 2022.

The Office has four (4) divisions namely: 1.) Technical Support Services Division, 2.) Tourism Services and Promotion Division, 3.) Cultural Affairs and Events Division, and 4.) Administrative and General Services Division.


Head of Office

Contact Number

Citizen’s Charter

JAMES C. ESTOYA, L.Agri., MSRED 0950 5685 847 Download/View



The Municipality of Alamada shall become a prime eco-tourism destination in the Province of Cotabato and a dynamic advocate of its local cultural heritage with the local community as the primary provider of tourism-related products and services.



To deliver premium tourism services that suit the local and international markets, and to mold the local communities in becoming ready and competitive in showcasing our cultural heritage and tourism products.



The Municipality through the Office of the Municipal Tourism, Culture and the Arts shall adopt the following objectives:

  1. To develop tourism as a major and sustainable socio-economic activity in the municipality;
  2. To generate community awareness and support for tourism and develop the culture of tourism among Alamadians;
  3. To maximize Alamada’s heritage and the development of its arts and culture as the foundation of tourism in the municipality;
  4. To promote cultural heritage growth and preservation;
  5. To encourage municipal government and the private sector to develop sites, products, and activities related to tourism;
  6. To improve the capabilities and capacities of various tourism stakeholders and cultural workers;
  7. To generate a sustainable influx of tourists in the Municipality; and
  8. To establish linkages and partnerships with other agencies and the private sector.


Mandates and Functions

The Office shall be the primary planning, programming, coordination, implementation, and regulatory municipal office in the development and promotion of the tourism industry and the various cultural affairs concerns in the Municipality with R.A. No. 9593. It shall instill in the Alamadians pride in the place and heritage, and the tourism industry’s fundamental importance in the generation of investment, foreign exchange, and employment.

The office shall have the following powers and functions:

  1. Formulation of policies, conceptualization, and implementation of plans programs, and projects on tourism and product development and promotions;
  2. Supervision of various cultural affairs that promotes the cultural heritage growth of the municipality;
  3. Coordination with BLGUs, provincial, and national government agencies for the integration of the municipal tourism and cultural agenda thru development plans;
  4. Development and conceptualization of new products, tourism projects, and investment opportunities that will enhance tourist sites, facilities, and services;
  5. Supervision of municipal-government tourism-related facilities;
  6. Monitors standards and accreditation of tourism-related establishments and services;
  7. Formulation and implementation of an integrated tourism marketing and promotion campaign;
  8. Institutionalization of community participation; and
  9. Networking and linkages


Regular Programs and Projects

A. Tourism Development and Promotion Program

  1. Annual Accreditation and Renewal of Tourism-related Establishsments and Tour Guides
    • On-site Evaluation
    • Issuance of certificate and materials
    • Compliance monitoring
  2. Formulation of Tourism Development Plan
    • Data Collection
    • Development Plan Creation
    • Approval and Adoption
  3. Tourism Stakeholders Capability-building
    • Gender and Development on Tourism Training
    • Disaster Preparedness for Tourism Stakeholders Training
    • Other tourism-related seminars and trainings
  4. Tourism Product Development Program
    • Tourism Rapid Assessment
    • Search for locally produced pasalubong items
    • Exploring and listing of emerging and potential tourism sites
    • Assessment of Tourism-related Estrablishment
  5. Production and Release of Promotional Materials
    • Design and printing of travel guide, and fliers and other marketing collaterals;
    • Production of souvenir items
    • Copyrighting and production of promotional videos
    • Updating of social media accounts and website
  6. Annual and Quarterly Tourist Arrival Report
    • Collection of data from the site and establishsments
    • Consolidation of data and finalization of report

B. Local Cultural Heritage Conservation and Promotion Program

  1. Local Cultural Mapping Project
    • Data Collection and Profiling of significant local properties
    • Validation of Cultural Mapping Results
    • Finalization and turn-over of the Profile of the Significant Local Cultural Heritage
  2. HABILIN: Exhibit of Significant Cultural Heritage
    • Search for the Most Significant Cultural Heritage
    • Display and promotion of significant cultural heritage
    • Information Dissemination
  3. Updating of Cultural Property Inventory for the Philippines Registry of Cultural Property (PRECUP)
    • ling up of PRECUP Forms
    • Submission to Sanggunaing Bayan for adoption
    • Submission to the PRECUP

C. Festival and Events Management Program

  1. Araw ng Sining at Saya (Alamada Arts Festival)
    • Cultural Presentation
    • Filipino Singing Contest
    • On-the-Spot Painting Contest
    • Video-making Contest
    • Art Exhibit
    • Handicrafts Training and Workshop
  2. Mutya ng Alamada (in conjunction with Araw ng Alamada)
    • Screening of and Presentation of Official Candidates
    • Photo and Video Shoot and Promotional Activities
    • Personality Development Training and Workshop
    • Community Service
    • Pageant and Coronation Night
  3. Philgrimage to Mt. Siya-Siya
    • Site maintenance and preparation
    • Holy Mass at the Shrine of the Holy Cross
  4. Tourism Week Celebration
    • Alamada Tourism Trade Fair
    • Information Drive
  5. Kapawa Festival
    • Search for Reyna ng Kapawa
    • Street Dancing Competition
    • Setting up of Christmas Decoration
    • Crafts and Decoration Contest


Services Offered

    1. Tourism Establishment Accreditation

    • Requirement: Valid Business Permit with Attachments, and Filled out the application form
    • Fees: New – Php 1500.00, Renewal-Php 500.00

    2. Tour Guide Accreditation

    • Requirements: Valid Business Permit, Tour-guiding Training Certificate, and Filled out Application Form
    • Fees: New – Php 800.00, Renewal-Php 400.00

    3. Releasing of Data

    • Requirements: Request Letter or Filled-out Data, and File Request Form
    • Fees: FREE

    4. Tourist Assistance

    • Requirements: Request or inquiry
    • Fees: FREE