Endowed with an abundant agricultural land and beautiful eco-tourism sites, Alamada offers a truly thrilling and refreshing experience. Be rejuvenated by the cold spring water of the breathtaking Asik-Asik Falls and chilling breeze at Rangayen while witnessing the enchanting landscapes of the Municipality.

Meet the warm and friendly people and discover a delightful fusion of culture of the Alamada’s four major ethnic tribe and settlers – Iranun, Ilonggo, Cebuano, and Ilocano.

Bursting with greenery and hilltop views, simple and relaxing rural life, Alamada awaits you.

Here are the top attractions in the Municipality of Alamada:


Asik Asik Falls

It is the crown jewel of Alamada. The potable waters come out from the spaces between rocks and sprinkle down along with the lush green water-loving plants producing a curtain-like scenery that stretches for about 140 meters wide and 60 meters high.

The cold water rushing down the cliff is a relaxing massage from nature when it hits the body of the visitors who are taking a bath below.

This treasure was only discovered by the villagers in March 2012, and its name of the falls is derived from an Ilongo word “asik-asik” which means “sprinkling”.



Formerly known as Pantar, this place is dubbed as the “Little Baguio” of Alamada because of its chilling low temperature environment, and the place offers a promising view of mountain ranges and plains of Alamada. Sometimes, a sea of clouds is visible from the place.

Rangayen is also a home of colorful blooming flowers and cool-weather-loving crops like cabbage lettuce and strawberry.

Several attractions are also located in Rangayen such as the Sacdalan Farm, Camp Heaven’s View, Nitibu Cafe, Ostique RnR Cafe, Cuartel de Campo Diez, and The Tent City.


Guo View Deck

Here, you can relax and whiff the freshness of the air while relishing the long and winding road adventure going to Barangay Guiling.

This is also the best place to witness the sunrise while the sun slowly unfold the vibrant colors of the mountains and valleys.


Palepaz Falls

It  is a horsetail type of waterfall with strong current and loud gushing sound. Huge rocks are found all around the site. Though the access to this site is not easy for now, local tourist are flocking to witness its beauty and experience the adventure it offers.


Mt. Siya-Siya

The Shrine of the Holy Cross is located at the peak of Mt. Siya-Siya at Brgy. Bao. Though this site is open all year round, the pilgrimage of many devotees together with their family and friends happens every Holy Week.


Pobre Hidden Spring

Located at Brgy.Lower Dado, the pool has overflowing natural spring water and the resort can accommodate different events including an overnight stay. Beside the pool is the century old Bay-ang tree (Octomeles Sumatrana) which is estimated to be 60 meters tall.


River Water Adventures

There are numerous fun and exciting activities you can do in the rivers of Alamada like having a picnic at the riverbanks, swimming, fishing, stone balancing to test your concentration, and the extreme rapid river water tubing. Several hanging bridges are also found across the rivers in Alamada.


Araw ng Alamada

Various entertaining and helpful events happen during the founding anniversary of the municipality every 21st of June which usually includes the search for Hiyas ng Alamada, inter-barangay sports competitions, job and business fair, environment-friendly activities, cultural expo, and various skills and talents competitions.


Festivals & Fiestas

Aside from Kadagayaan Festival which is celebrated in conjunction with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception every 8th of December, Alamada is also having a Kapawa Festival as part of the colorful and joyous Christmas celebration. Eid al-Fitr is also celebrated by Muslims during the end of Ramadan.